Pregnancy test for dogs?

I know it seems kinda stupid but can you get a pregnancy test for the dog.
My dog might be pregnant because she and the neighbors dog got stuck together.
But the vet told me she was not able to have puppys because her nipples were not
strait and there are only seven nipples any way. But I think she is pregnant any way.But is there a pregnancy test for dogs.

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I know this question was asked over 2 years ago, so I'm guess she knows by now if her dog was pregnant, but my dog has 9 nipples and is due any day now. When I called the vet when I first suspected her to be pregnant, she said they have pregnancy test. So ha to that person that said that was a stupid question.

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what kind of vet told you that? The nipples have no way determine if she can get preg or not...

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Take the dog to the vet just to make sure. There is always a possibility. I would not hurt to get her checked. Then you can ask the vet about pregnacy test for dogs.

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feel her stomach and see if you can feel a puppy in her and do this everyday if you think she is pregnant.:)

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well just because they got stuck doesnt mean your dog became or is pregnant, its called knotting together humans are not able to knot because a males knot is at the base known as the head while a male dog is at the bottom, felames knot is at the entrance as a female human is in the back, soo thats just knotting up and if your vet says your dog isnt then id take there advice on it theres ways they can tell well goodluck

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I have a dog that is in heat she tied with a male dog for the 1st time could she be pregnant.

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there arent any test for pregnancy for dogs the vet can do an xray to see if she is and usually if dogs hang up the female is pregnant my females always have been if they actually hang up

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My sister has raised 4 litters of yorkies with mother and son. There have been 3 to 5 puppies each time. All have been healthy and geourgeous. All have had people begging for the pups as soon as she would get pg. This did not happen on purpose the first tme, but the next couple were on purpose after the first litter was good. All of the dogs are very intelligent and are your normal haughty yorkie. The last couplle of times it happened before it was expected. My sister has been going to have her spayed, but doesn't catch it in time. Only time will tell... GOOD LUCK !

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There is no specific pregnancy test for dogs, and a human pregnancy test will not work. I don't know why your vet said, that she cannot get pregnant, because she only has 7 nipples, but he is wrong! I used to breed chihuahuas, and I have #13 of my own, and two of my females, both have 7 nipples. They both had normal, healthy litters! If your female and another male Tied, {Which is what it is called}, then she is most likely pregnant! It only takes one time! As far as finding out for sure, if she is pregnant, you need to take her to the vet not only to find out if she is pregnant, but you need to make sure, that everything is going normally and that she and the puppies are doing ok, if she is pregnant! He/She will examine her, take x-rays, and be able to tell you if she is pregnant, how many puppies she is carrying and an approximate whelping delivery} date.

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Im in ontario,,there is a blood test that can be done my vet charges $80+tax
And I was also curious as to if a human pregnency stick would work,would be so much cheaper,,,and this crock about so many nipples I just about fell off my chair laughing,find another vet;;

Now I have an issue my male boxer and my female have had 2 litters the first she only gave birth to 1 pup the second litter she had 10(exhausting yes)the pup from first litter is over a year old,she had her first heat in march,,I was always around dad and pup or one was in their cages, and im sure if he locked with her I sure as heck would of heard her,but for the last few weeks she has been acting like shes pregnent,throws up every few days, last 2 nipples are lactating and her vulva is engorged and she sleeps most of the day,,,her nipples are swelling,,,should I be alarmed I heard that father and daughter are okay its the son and mom,,,

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Actually there are pregnancy tests for dogs! Some vets sell them and they cost about $20 - $30. You may also find them at specialty pet stores. X-rays are great if you want to know how many puppies to expect and when. Having only 7 nipples doesn't have anything to do with a dog's fertility. Don't know what your vet is thinking but maybe you should find a new one!

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your dog can get pregnant if it has 7 nipples we have a dog that we breeded and she pregnant and she has a messed up number of them too she was pregnant for bout a month then she had to have surgery because she was too small to carry so many

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My dixie is preg and I am planning to have an xray done in about 3 weeks to find out how many puppies to expect..the cost(may vary some place to place) here is $50.00

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Can my female get preg after 1tie both her and male first time she. 17 months he is 3

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