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Hello, Iam 25years old. 3 years completed for my marriage. I am trying from 1 year to get pregnant but I can't. I am having hypothyroidism from 1 & half year I am taking eltroxin50 per day 1 tablet before breakfast. Two days I did the report of Thyroid it is in normal range. My periods are irregular. I am taking the treatment for prgnancy. My doctor told me to take Bcasules per day one tablet till I get pregnant. He had given me the tablets for regular periods& I did ovulation study at the day of ovulation we had contact & next day my doctor cheked me that sperms are entered inside or not but sperms was not there. What is the reason behind this? How sperms will enter? We did the report of my husband of sperm count in his report sper count was quite less but he is taking the Oligocare tablet per day one tablet as per doctor told. Please help me how I can get pregnant?