Can a pregnancy test have a false positive?

can a pregnecy test say possitive if your not pregnant?
I know it can say negitive when you are.. but im sure if your not pg it wouldnt come up possitive..
oh man I sound thick lol..

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You sometimes get a falso negative but a false positive usually happens only from some medications that are involved with ivf etc. I would do another one to see what answer you get. if your two weeks late you need to get to a docter to discuss your options dont leave it too late.

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It's highly unlikely that you'd get a false positive on a store-bought test. Check with your doctor to make sure.

please help me!! (pregnancy crisis!)
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at least use dare to take one...I need to ..but I darent!!

the hpt is just sat in mi draw :(:(

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im 2 weeks late too, I did a test and it was pos, I rung the doc's then there nearest oppntment is in 2 weeks!

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yes it can...
the only sure way is to do it in a drs office

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