do you prefer the old eminem to the new eminem?

Answer #1

Which old r talkin? Slim shady? I didn’t like hime then but I do like eminem

Answer #2

when he first came outish. so yeah slim shady.

Answer #3

Old eminem I really was into him like 6 years ago or so.

Answer #4

Neither- not my style of music…

Answer #5

I like the new one, his songs seem to have more power and stuff, not that they didn’t before but still this part of him is better.

Answer #6

Well I like both but I like it more when he uses his actual voice(new stuff,nd older songs like mockingbird, no apologies, nd sing for the moment). His songs like my name is, the real slim shady are ok but kind of annoying.

Answer #7

I like the new Eminem better…it seems like he makes better music now.

Answer #8

i think he was much better when he was talking about his own life, now he’s featuring with other singers about lyrics and songs that aren’t him, and not as deep as he used to be.

Answer #9


Answer #10

i like both, but i really like his newest cd, especially cause he worked so hard on it and he was sober

Answer #11

Depends if he’s stopped whining about Kim and his mom yet?

Answer #12

I like both.

Answer #13

The new eminem is much more experienced and his songs stick to a more intelligent lyric base then he used in his previous career. Although his original songs were more interesting but i still prefer the new to the old just for his passion and strength towards his lyrics.

Answer #14

Hmm… I’m not sure really. I love them both! :) I love his Slim Shady persona, and the whole “just don’t give a **“ attitude. And his lyrical content used to be more controversial and explicit - a good example being “Kim”, which I actually found quite scary! I guess I just find that really attractive. But I also love the new him. Since so many things changed in his life - the death of his best friend Proof, nearly overdosing and going through rehab, etc. a lot of things have changed about him personally. He’s also, what, 40 now? He can’t just keep up the attitude and involve the same content that he had in his earlier work.

I love his stuff now, its just so deep, and really reflects his thoughts and experiences well. I think it’s, in a way, more intense. Many of his songs are more emotional. And some of them are so sweet, such as “Mockingbird”, “You’re Never Over”, “When I’m Gone”, “Going Through Changes” and ones like “Beautiful”. I find it so sweet that he idolises his daughter Hailie, and love when he raps about how he loves her, Whitney and Alaina, and Kim. And although some of his new songs are more serious, there is still a lot of humour in his work. His lyrical content is absolutely outstanding. And I love his new dress style!!! ;) But yeah, I think that whatever he raps about, or whatever his style is, he will always be a lyrical genious, and the King of rap!!!

Answer #15

i like both i like all his songs

Answer #16

i LOVE eminem. i loved the old eminem and i love the new eminem.(: he is my all time favorite rapper next to lil wayne(: i am crazy forr eminem.(: eminems old songs were all crazy and weird. his new ones are more real for him.(:

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