I have preeclampsia and I signed myself out of the hospital because my dr kept giving me the run around so now im switching drs, Does anyone know how soon the Dr will induce someone with preeclampsia? I was told they induce you at 37 weeks...

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well I had a high risk dr tell me I was okay to go home when I was in the hospital, but my dr lied and tried making me stay. im checking my blood pressure every 4 hours like they were doing in the hospital and im on bed rest just like I was in the hospital only time I leave the house is when I have to go to the Drs.

I already had the steriod shot, I got it at 29 weeks when I was first admitted into the hospital and now im 32 weeks.

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You really should have stayed in the hospital...have you no idea how serious pre-eclampsia is? You and your child can die.

They want to keep the baby in the womb as long as possible, but if they need to deliver early, you'll probably need steroid shots to get the baby's lungs to mature quicker, and you need to be monitored consistently.

Go back to the hospital...don't mess around with this kind of thing.

What happens if i have preeclampsia?

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