power washed nest with live robin eggs

my husband power washed nest not knowing eggs were in nest. eggs fell and baby robins are alive and being held by my sister. What to do for them now is it too late?

Answer #1

Baby birds without many/any feathers need to be kept warm (body should be warm to touch)

Baby birds need lots of different foods for a healthy diet - variety is the watchword

Most baby birds eat a wide-variety of rather soft-bodied insects - they need lots of protein for growth

Baby birds eat about every 20 minutes or so during daylight (dawn to dusk)

Baby birds should be encouraged to beg for food (open mouth with eager calling)

Baby birds have a swallowing reflex that is triggered when food is placed in the back of the mouth

Baby birds sleep at night and are not fed by their parents

Food can be skewered on a toothpick and placed in the baby’s throat

If enough food isn’t available, you can give dry cat food (see info below) as a temporary measure (NOT a steady diet)

Donts for caring for baby birds:

Don’t give water directly to your baby bird (they get enough in their food)

Don’t give sugar water to your baby bird

Don’t give ANY bread to your baby bird

Don’t give ANY birdseed to your baby bird

Don’t give a steady diet of any single food to your baby bird

Don’t gear your baby’s diet around worms

Don’t give your baby bird a bath, it doesn’t need one

More information can be found here: http://www.enaturalist.org/question/4018 http://www.wild-bird-watching.com/Baby_Birds.html http://naturesnotebook.org/orphanedrobins.html

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