How do I take care of a robin egg?

I have a robin egg and it is alive. How do I take care of it?

Answer #1

well the best thing is to be home every single day of your life and to have soem sort of heat on the egg and to make sure the heat does not run out … But if the baby robin or other animals do not survie without their real mother it’s not your fault it’s because it does not have it’s mother’s nutrients it needs to survie so don’t cry help and try to save it’s life so it will have a chance on the buetiful eath god mad without going sraight to heaven in the palace of god’s lovley home

Answer #2

Many baby birds are found by people and taken in to be cared for. People believe the baby bird is rejected by its parents, lost, or can not get back into the nest. The fatality rate of baby birds that are taken in by kind-hearted individuals is very very high.

Many people ask if a baby bird will be rejected if a person handles the baby and the bird parents smell the human. This is just an “old wives’” tale. Baby birds are NOT rejected by their parents if a person handles them. In fact, most birds have a very poor sense of smell.

Many fledglings are scruffy looking and look like they are unable to be on their own. They may leave the nest, scurry on the ground, etc., looking like a lost baby bird. The parents care of these fledglings and keep track where they are until the fledglings can live on their own. So the baby bird you see may be a fledgling that is being taken care of by its parents still.

If the egg got cold.. it will not hatch.. sorry its not fertile anymore. If u still wish to try .. u need an incubator.

Answer #3

I would buy an incubator they are at farm stores or ebay.

Answer #4

you have to buy an incubator and rotate the eggs constantly. not to much heat but not to little.

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