How do I potty train a three year old..?

How do I potty train a three year old..??

Answer #1

I had a fun time potty training my two children. Boys are always about 6 months later than girls, my daughter took 2 weeks to train at 2yrs old, with no accident afterwards, my son took a little over 2 weeks and was almost three with two accidents after that time. If there is diaper tugging, then it’s time. What i did was empty one of my closets and fill it with balloons. When the potty was used (to sit at first) then to go potty. I swung the door open, turned some happy tune on an already set tape player and had a goody bag with little surprises to give them. I believe in being positive. There is no sense in gettin upset in front of them for something that is scary to them. If they can’t trust you, it will take a long time for them to give up what they see as safe, even if it means they smell.

Have fun with it, plus it will create some fun memories for the both of you.


Answer #2

keep the potty in the room at all times with the chiled so he/she can allways see were it is, take off the nappy and tell them its a chair let them know what its for and when they do there first wee, give them a treat they will keep weeing on it when they see that they get a treat for been good, thats how we did it with jake

Answer #3

Dear Shoreman3, There was a similar question asked…what I suggested is that the problem usually is getting the child to use the potty. Place your child, on regular intervals on the potty…when the child successfully uses it you reward the child. A proven way that works is to have a party with balloons, music perhaps some cookies and lots of praising. The child relates using the potty with this reward and within days you’ll see the child using the potty on a regular basis. Continue this with consistency or it won’t work. Start diminishing the rewards till you only need praising. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

best advice ever . . . use a reward chart, and have a bad full of marshmallows handy.

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