Could i possibly get a breast reduction at 15?

im 13 with a 36DDD bra size and my back hurts all the time and they are still growing

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You really need to wait until you re older and your breast are done growing before you get a breast reduction. Most doctos will advise you to wait until your atleast 18 and most wont perform the surgery while your so young because of the fact that your still growing.

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I agree with mandyloo I'm 14 and mine are still growing, big boobs run in my family.. so i'm scared that mine are going to get big and my back will hurt .!

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Just whatever you do, have documentation that your breast size is hurting your back. Go to doctors on a regular basis and have them write down that your back pain is persistently caused by your breast size. This way, insurance is more likely to cover the reduction (if you're in the US and have to worry about insurance).

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My friend used to have the same size boobs, she started eating healthier and working out and they shrunk A LOT. It doesn't work for everyone but it's a good idea to try some other options before going straight to surgery.

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Since you have said they are still growing it is best to wait until they stop. People have had breast reduction surgery at your age but it is more effective if they have finished growing.

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I have looked into this a lot, I've even talked to doctors. Cause not only were my boobs hurting my back but there were slightly depressing me. I couldnt stand my apperance,The doctors said its better to wait and let your body devlop fully before going into anything serous. also that ther rest of your body will grow over time to porpotion your body right. (cause mine were practally overtakeing me.but now there not (:) They also told me that though i was not over weight. i was always a very active kid and that when i stoped being so active they depolped more. So being active and keeping your body healthy does help. it also helps your self asteem.
good luck! and trust me your not alone (:

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