Possible atheist not sure wht 2 do

Ok I’m 14 and my family doesn’t really go 2 church that often but I have family that are really religious and I personally am not sure about the whole concept of god and jesus… Should I tell them or should I just keep my ideas 2 myself

Answer #1

If you express your doubts to your parents, you run the risk that they will realize they’ve neglected to raise you religiously. This may cause them to commit themselves to correcting that, and you may find yourself in church every Sunday.

Keep quiet until you’re old enough not to be forced into religious activity.

Answer #2

What Jimahl says, you know your parents better than we do.

If you think they will attempt an intervention or otherwise overreact than you might keep it to yourself.

If you think they are open minded to accept it than tell them when you are ready.

Answer #3

Yes , you should read the bible. It is a real eye-opener. Most people who truly read it with an open mind come the the realization it is just mythology.

Answer #4

god damn it jaz, takin all my advice lol

dude you know what you need to do I knew what I needed to do.. im an athiest myself I told my parents and they were cool about it your parents should accept who you are because they love you for you

Answer #5

you don’t have to tell them. I never told my parents about my religious beliefs or lack of it…

it’s just looking for unneccesary trouble and a lot more sunday schooling in my opinion.

So keep it to your self until you’re out of the house.

Answer #6

its up to you wether you want to tell them or not but remember that you have the right to choose what you want to beleive in no one can force you and if your et on your beliefs stick to them dont let other people convince you otherwise and if your family loves you they will love and respect you no matter what you beleive in

Answer #7

It depends on how you think they will react. If you think it will cause problems, I would wait till you are older. No matter what, you can believe what you want. You don’t have to believe in something simply because your parents did.

Answer #8

You’re young. You’ll question what you believe in a million times in your life. Thinking for yourself and challenging common ideals is normal and healthier than living your life just doing as you’re told. Continue learning all you can about Christianity since it’s you family’s primary religion and at least you’ll have enough information on one religion to be able to completely accept it or rule it out, when you’re older.

Answer #9

Read the Bible and know who Jesus is first and then make your decision.

Answer #10

pray first.Open your heart.

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