Is there a pop-rock Christmas song?

Is a there any Pop-Rock Christmas’s Song? I like to search about it… Rock On…

Answer #1

Rock’n’ around the christmas tree, by michael jackson. Jingle bell rock, ( I don’t know the artist.)

Answer #2

yule be rocken! it has a combination of songs here are the first words its Christmas time and yule be rocken! bells are ringin beat is knock en! so hang your stock en cause yule be rocken tonight! (YELLED) lets rock! then it goes into rocken around the christmas tree song then santa bring my baby back to me(dont need a lot of presents to make my christmas bright I just need my babys arms wrapped around me tight oh santa hear my plea santa bring my baby back to me!) then jingle bell rock then the last part goes… its christmas time and yule be rocken bells are ringin beat is knocken so hang your stocken cause yule be rocken (pause) tonight!!!

Answer #3

Lots of them. . . . Tons of them. Here’s some:

Answer #4

God, I hope not.

Answer #5

if you get the cd of christmas songs by aly and aj adn fall out boy and more…

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