What song should my band play for Christmas?

I have a band, and we are suggested to be played a song for this Christmas Night’s show in my university. But till today, I still got no idea about this. All my bandmates like to play a pop-rock-famous song. They had chosen a song from WET WET WET - Love is All Around.. and the lyrics will be changed into - Christmas is All Around. Is there any good song that I could play for the show?

Answer #1

An adaptation of ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Answer #2

Go to Imeem, create an account, look up Devils never cry (Staff roll) by david baker and shawn mcpherson. It is awesome. Do not be fooled by the first 1 minute of it. You need a drummer, a guitarist, a drummer, a bass guitarist, and 2 male singers. This song might not be appropriate because it is a Pagan metal song.

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