Why does poop smell bad?

Answer #1

So you won’t eat it.

Answer #2

Because it’s full of bacteria.

Answer #3

Ugh. Bad mental image. WHYYYY. :C

Answer #4

Because it doesn’t like your nose

Answer #5

I wonder if Colleen was debating about making this question of the day.

Answer #6

Not a chance, lol

Answer #7

butterflies and rainbows and unicorns and flowers! bunnies and sunshowers and tropical birds! Norah and Stefie and Hermione and birthday cake! {:^D

Answer #8

Hayyim is correct that it smells bad to us so we won’t eat it. You see, many species of animals can not get all the nutrients out of food in one pass they eat so they eat their own excrement. Chickens are one example. True carnivores can safely eat putrid and feces contaminated carrion so these things do not smell bad to them. Since humans are omnivores that lack the strong stomach acid to safely consume rotten meat and feces we have evolved to be revolted by the taste and smell of these things.

Answer #9

What he said.

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