What do you think that our government/epa can do

What do you think that our government/epa can do to really enforce the laws to minimize the amount of polution that we give off?

Answer #1

Make hybrid cars a little less expensive so more people would buy those, put up huge recycle bins everywhere since most things are recyclable, have a law against littering(if a policeman sees you litter you pay a fine, haha thats so strict.) stop building more houses so less trees get cut down, stick with the houses we have now so no more can be put up. <thats a little hard to explain sorrry. against the law to sell regular paper you have to sell recycled paper.. idunno

Answer #2

First of all, with the great American system that we’ve been stuck with, the President can only suggest solutions (wars excepted) and the Congress has to pass the legislation that allows the president’s plans to become effective. Greed, stupidity and complete system failure is causing this process to become an act of futility. So any meaningful change of direction is probably not going to happen, and even if it did what good would it do when China and India don’t comply? As far as the future is concerned, I don’t see one.

Answer #3

as long as it last till I die and every1 I knew does too lol

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