Who here hates politics?

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I loveee politics :]]].

I love arguing with people.
And I love being right.

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I do, all it is is where 2 people can bash on each other the whole time, and for stupid crap to come out just to be blowed out of porportion, hey that remains me of something...HIGHSCHOOL!!! really politicians need to grow up and just run...its too much stupid drama in it...and if the politicians themselves doesn blow it up its the media, I hate all of it, and I cant wait til this election is over wit...

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I have a love/hate relationship with politics. Sometimes I like the give and take, and sometimes I need to take a step back, because I feel so passionate about some subjects, that I can get a little hot-headed.

Not that I ever do that here... lol.

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Politics is only as bad as the people in charge make it I guess.

At the moment it REALLY sucks.

Stupid politics.

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"dishonorable or improper for someone to seek office in Athens."

Early in US history, it was the same way with the presidency. How great would those days be?

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Come to think of it... I don't like politics. Sometimes when I listen to political tlk it makes me feel like exploding. sometimes if I listen to the wrong people like Michael Savage ooo forget it!!!

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Maybe I'm being naive, but I long for some of the ideals of ancient Greece. Socrates (or Plato, depending on how you look at it) said that it was considered dishonorable or improper for someone to seek office in Athens. He said that the office should seek the officeholder out, and that this was necessary because the wise men of his time viewed handling the problems of others as a burden, and so would have to be coerced into taking the responsibility. He said that were it not for their being paid, honored, and threatened with dishonor and the possibility of being governed by a lesser man, no wise man would accept the position.

But then, maybe he was embellishing in order to make his arguments. :)

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Yes, but a necessary evil :-)

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I do why should some person choose our future exspecaly men why can`t a
woman do it there care

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its beyong crap I hate all authority but it is stil necessary to an extent but I think its gone to far atm

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