Is there a better political party?

Is there a political party that combines both Republican and Democratic beliefs? Basically – conserving money (tax breaks) without cutting off every social program, Christian (in the true respect that we do not hate anti-Christians) and who support the military and our countries protections with making us isolationists and hated by other major countries. I thought it would be the Green party, but that is simply not the case.

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Answer #1

In my personal opinion with true communism the world would be a much better place but the capitlist minds of america think on terms of ‘which is better’ or ‘I could have more’. I admit I am a capalist but true communists work for the better good of man kind not what car or what house is bigger and better than everyone elses

Answer #2

In the United States voting outside the two major parties is basically a protest vote.

The way I see it is that politcs is always choosing the lesser of the available evils. Lets say we have candidates A B and C. ‘A’ is a terrible candidate, ‘B’ is slightly less terrible, and “C” is a much better choice but is unelectable. Should the voter choose ‘B’ or ‘C?’ Many people feel that in 1992 Ross Perot cost George H Bush the election. Likewise many people feel that Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the 2000 election. Neither Perot nor Nader had a chance of winning but their running may have affected both races outcomes.

Answer #3

Its belated I know but democrat and republican only concentrate on money and power. The two down falls of human kind.

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