What is the best pokemon card?

What is it hp? damage? I wanna know if i got that card.

Answer #1

Best Pokemon card. Right here.

Answer #2

thanks do u have that card

Answer #3

… No.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Charizard ex. 200 damage and I think 160 hp. I have it(:

Answer #6

charizard or it was back in my day wen there was only 150 pokemon how many are they now

Answer #7

There’s 507 now. I stoped at 150.

Answer #8

dam 507bthink there going a bit far with that

Answer #10

Yes they are.

Answer #11

yeah really

Answer #12

Lol cassie. Ill trade u

Answer #13

For me more then likely one of the golden cards

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