I have a Japanese Pokemon Card...

I was going through this box of Pokemon cards and came across a Japanese card. I’m selling them you see, so I know that the Japanese cards are worth a lot more. But I’m looking up values and I don’t know what this is called… and duh, it’s IN JAPANESE. So how do I go about putting a value on a Pokemon card that I can’t read… Help?

Answer #1

I could help what does the card look like?

Answer #2

I have a japanese card too, my one is a first edition parasect, one of the first pokemon cards that came out in japan in the 90’s theres obvioulsy a picture of a pokemon on the card so you first need to identify the pokemon heres a list of all the pokemon that are out so far http://www.pokemon.com/Pokedex/flash.asp

then you need to find out what set its from you could always ask a person who reads/speaks japanese to translate it for you, or/and take a picture of it and ask heres a list of the values of japanese cards, but again, youll first have to identify your card (the pokemon and what set its from at least) to be able to find out how much its worth http://www.pojo.com/priceguide/prices.html

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