Who has the most points on FA?

Answer #1

lmao i dont! there is no point in adding up points anymore.

Answer #2

i think its either ms canada or ms africa, i dont know lol

Answer #3

I think Colleen does.. :)

Answer #4

If I’m correct, it’d be Colleen.

Answer #5

i should point out….

ms canada is colleen and ms africa is irene but i do believe irene just pipped her to the post: theres only one way to settle this…. fight!

Answer #6

People used to cash in their points, so the ‘most points’ won’t be a very high amount. I’d guess either Colleen, Angelee27, or Mandyloo, would have a lot of points as they answer many questions and give fantastic advice.

Answer #7

Thinking about this, I’d love to know how many questions everyone has answered like on the old old old old Fun Advice… If Jeremy is reading this O.o

Answer #8

I think Colleen does. She currently has 4,222. (:

Answer #9

I do :D I have over 9,000!!!!!!

no i’m kidding…i suck lol.

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