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what do you think of my poem?

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hero time bomb
I leave my home and the ones I love,
To protect them and their home,
I must hide my sorrow and show only pride,
In my strong confident stride.

I’m a turtle always shielding my self,
People see a hero in me,
But inside I’m exhausted and scared,
And I don’t think it can be repaired.

I’m as sneaky as a walking stick,
Creeping by looking completely fine,
No one can see what I hide,
This deadly time bomb on the inside.

I’m like a wolf crying for the moon,
But instead I cry for you,
And the safe home life I miss,
Hoping ill get to give another kiss.

I’m sorry I’m not there for you,
I’m sad that I left,
But I have to do my duty,
To protect my countries beauty.

And if I don’t see you again,
I’m sorry for this bomb inside my heart,
If I die please know only this,
I did it for you and only you I will miss.