Can you help me out with talking about dirty thoughts?

was asked by the person I’m sleeping with if I had any dirty thoughts. was able to tell him that sometimes being tied up but coulden’t continue. One I am naturally shy so talking about this is not easy. and two everyone has different ideas on what dirty thoughts are. he’s asking me now what after being tied up and honestly I have no answer for him. thought if anyone on here could help me out…please

Answer #1

well im guessing one of your fantasies is being tied up…so just tell him that you wanna be tied up, if you have something else you wanna do while tied up then just tell him, if not just tell him to tie you up and then do what he would like…u gotta have communication or else sexual boredom will occur, or something even worse…so make sure to talk to him about it…and its always what you want to do, dont do anything you dont feel comfortable doing

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