Cousin has been in a coma, pray for us?

hey I would like it if all yuo keep my lil cuzen in your prays my cuzen has been in a coma 4 2days now and she can't do nothing not even beath so keep us in your prays thank you

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Bless you for your faithfulness!

Gracious Merciful Heavenly Father, thank You for this opportunity to come before You, Lord. Forgive us Father, when we think we can do anything on our own, for Lord, we know You are the provider of all things and that You are The Great Physician, Lord, guide the doctors' hands and minds as they find the problem. Father, it is such a blessing to cry out our prayers in faith and be able to ask You for Your healing touch for this young lady who has got to be a treasure of her family. By Your Holy Spirit, Lord, lift up this young one and wrap your loving arms around her and let her know You are near, Father, Bless gaabyholand as she faithfully reaches out to You, knowing Your will be done. I thank You that I may pray and ask in the Precious, Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen

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no problem

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I diffently will wish you the best of luck :)

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Done, and I will keep on praying, let us know what happens

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yes I will, I hope everything works out.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.

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