what I can do to lose weight in 2months and get rid of my acne?

I feel really depressed and feel real ugly and fat . Im 17 maybe 5’5 and weigh almost 130 pounds. I came to jordan 3 moths ago and im going back to america in 2 months. Im going to see my fiancee finally so I want to lose weight before I go back and my face started breaking out like crazy bout a month and it keeps getting worser everday. Can anyone help me and tell me what I can do to lose weight in 2months and get rid of my acne?

Answer #1

you probably broke out because you are stressing out, calm down. To lose weight drink a lot of water and do a lot of cardio

Answer #2

dido to everyone uptop I am 5 5 and I weigh 130 and I think I look pretty good!! but anyway here is an idea I am allergic to gluten/wheat and dairy and as soon as I got on my new diet without any exercise atall I lost 7 lbs in about a week!!oh drink lots of water it will make you less hungry hope it helps!

Answer #3

no offense, but you sound far from overweight 5’5 and 130 is pretty much the ideal. diet and exercise is the best bet though. If exercise isn’t for you, just watching the caloric intake and carbohydrates and limiting them works wonders. as far as acne, try accutane. you have to go to a dernotologist for it, but its pretty much a miracle drug. I used to have one of the worst cases of acne imaginable and within a few months accutane cleared it right up, and the best part is, 3 years later off accutane and its very rare that I ever break out.

Answer #4

your not fat … anyway, diet and excersize. OBVIOUSLY… and umm drink a lot of water.. and wash your face twice a day.. with mary kay velocity facial cleanser and use the mk light weight moisterizers afterwards. doing this for two months will get you excellent results.

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