please help me need advice

ok there is a problem I have been having lately I have been thinking about girls more than I usely do I just cant get girls out of my head is it normal to just think of nothing but girls I cant even do my school work I just sit there and think about this one girl diana is there any advice to get this girl out of my head I want to atleast try to get her out of my head enough to get my school work done

srry if it is confusing

Answer #1

eh its normal. girls distract me like hell. I just end up not doing my work. and then I do it later when im just chilled. you could maybe do a hobby and then do work like uhm…I play games. gets girls outta my head real fast since I need to concentrate on the game. then I do my school work for a bit sometimes duringa game. just find ways that adapt to u

Answer #2

man instead of trying to get her out of your head why dont you try talking to her or sum female try and get laid your probably bout ready or old enough to want to have sex . or maybe your hitting puberty I don’t know but what I do know is you cant just stop thinkin about some one that easy its pretty dificult .

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