Does getting your second ear piercing hurt?

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced for the second time?

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I'm scared to get it 2nd hole but I really want it. I need power to get it

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on a scale of 1-10 ten being the worst pain i would say 1.

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no it doesnt hurt at all i was 11 when i got it and i felt better then i did when i got my 1st whole!
u should go to this place called peircing pagoda they do ears really good

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Dear mini_theresa,
Sometimes: if the ear has scar tissue from the first time it may be slightly painful going through this tissue. If there is a big build up they may recommend making a totally new hole.
Sue...good luck

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Yesterday I got my ears pierced a 2nd time. I was a bit scared because the first time I was young so I'd forgotten what it felt like. So I sat in the chair in claires and they pierced them at the same time ( scary for me ) It felt like a sharp little pain like a injection and nothing more, it made me jump a bit but then I was fine and I love them now!

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Everyone is different, but in my opinion, no, it didn't hurt at all. If you are getting your ear pierced in the lobe again, it feels no different than the first time.

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I had mine done today and tbh I aint good with needles and pain ect but its fine. I was well scared. it stings for about 5 secs and then goes away. honestly its fine. I was ecpecting more and getting all worked up over nothing x

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its just a pinch. I was scared as hell to get it but it felt fine. I got all worked up for
trust me it dosnt hurt that much

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