I need more advise than to go and pee on a stick

I need more advise than to go and pee on a stick

Answer #1

Go see a doctor and take a blood test. you won’t know if your pregnant unless you do. (that is if like you said normal pregnancy tests don’t work)

Answer #2

Well finding out is the best thing to do. But if your looking for more. Talk to the boyfriend/ fiance/ husband AFTER you take it and talk with him for as long as you both need to. Let both yoour parents know right away even if it is hard because they can help you emotionally and financially so they are a big help. Trust me my best friends just went through this. Parents are the best friend to have at a time like this. Just take it slow and stay calm if you are pregnant stress wont help. So dont stress it because if you are you have a beautiful baby on the way.

Answer #3

The pee on a stick advice is the pregnancy test. What other advice do you want ? You need to find out if you are pregnant, the pregnancy test is the best way to find out for sure.

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