I dont know which one to stay with

My mum and dad divorced–and I dont know which one to stay with,well they divorced like 5 years ago :( I live with my mum now,but sometimes I just think I could have a better life with my dad,I get to see my dad on weekends and I love it there, I have lots of friends down where he lives,I get everything I want…But I just cant tell my mum that I want to move to my dads and they cant be together anymore because my dad has a new family now and has moved on :( Im the only child my mum has, I’ve talked to her about this before but she burst into tears and said she will kill herself or just go away somewhere where I wouldnt be able to see her or find her :( :( This is really upsetting me I dont want to lose my dad but I dont want to lose my mum either :( Please help I really need some advice :( (this is a picture of my dads puppy and me -that I really love-! <3 )

Answer #1

I think you should stay with your mother. She needs you and is able to give you more personal attention than your father can – his attention is divided between you and his other family.

She is the one who is going to be more supportive of you as you get older, get married and have children of your own.

You have the rest of your life to be your father’s daughter but now is when your mother needs you as a friend and companion. She may not be able to give you as many physical things as your father can but she can give you more personal attention and emotional support.

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Answer #2

Seriously look at yourself 10 years down the road. I know its hard to look at things like this but just because a parent spends money on you doesn’t mean they have the best environment. Your dad can afford to buy your affection, but is that really better?

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