please anser im seeing her like in 2 days

ok so im in the theatres and I see this girl I hate but think is amazingly hot…at the end of the movie we talk and go to the woods (a realy good short cut home) and we like start talking and then some how we get to bras and I ask her what her braw size is and she said to anser what I thot her braw size was (she is flat/sorda) then she told me to shutup before I could say anything she asked me if a can do her a favor for all the meen things I did to her inthe younger grades… she told me to close my eyes (that day I don’t know I had a huge boner / and felt really horny) for 10 seconds ^ then I felt her pulling down my pant and I aske what your doing …she told me to keep my eyes closed and then right there she gave me a blow job…I zipped up we walked home together not saying a word to eachother and I was so weirded out because that was my first time …question 1: should I ask her out 2: should I eat her out

Answer #1

eat her out.

Answer #2

Uh, ask her out before you eat her out ; ] Yeah, you should ask her out, that’s such a cute story. =] And eat her out to return the favor. It’s only right. aha but make sure you read up a little on how to do it. Im guessing you never have before since that was the first time you got head. Oh, and there’s no “w” on the end of bra.

Answer #3

Okay, good luck. =]

Answer #4

ya ill ask my bro or post on this

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