Please help me fix my ps2

How do I fix my ps2 that has frozen? Warranty has exp and I have opened it I am lost. Please money to spend to fix it and I am right in the middle of a game.

Answer #1

thank you danger steve. My mom also thanks you. Too late, I already opened it and messed with it before I found this website. Thank your “sarge” so much for defending this country. Even though it sometimes doesn’t feel worth saving it’s good to know there are men and woman who still are heroes and put themselves out there.

Answer #2

argh! thank you for your answers. I guess I m just “f” ed. times are too tight in my house to take it anywhere to get fixed. my mom struggles. gas is outrageous and the bills are just too high right now. we take in strays-we are up to 3 dogs and 5 cats right now- and they eat us out of house and home. my stepdad is a marine and he is protecting our country. we get by somehow. sorry for letting me vent! this world just sucks right now and my playstation wasn’t much but it allowed me to block out all this bull crap for a little while during the day. thanks again. here is a pic of me and my step dad. god bless the usa!

Answer #3

I saw and I still thank the both of you! You for acknowleding him and him fo rwhat he does. I am cancelling my account, for now. Become my moms friend…michellenjohn.

Answer #4

I did that. the fan just runs. nothing spins. its stuck.

Answer #5

Take out the battery, maybe that’ll reset it.

Answer #6

Don’t ask the same question more than once they will just delete it and you will never get an answer like me

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