How do I fix my ps2

How do I fix my ps2? It is frozen.

Answer #1

when mine quit working I had to take it apart and just clean it. clean the laser and all the dust out of there and it will probably work again, mine did

Answer #2

No, it’s beyond that. It’s seized up. Warranty is expired and I have opened it up.(it’s a slim) Now, I am lost.

Answer #3

Oh. Have you tried just shutting the whole thing down? like taking apart the wires? Okay nevermind that that was stupid.

it looks like your going to have to get a new one, or you can try to take it to a video game store to see if the people there can take a look at it.

Answer #4

unplug it and plug it back in. then see if it works. :)

Answer #5

I agree with piker187

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