How do you put music on a PSP?

How do you put music on a psp?

Answer #1
  1. Connect your PSP with your PC using the USB cable.

  2. Use your PSP interface and hit HOME button, and then go into “Settings”. Here you will have to use the directional button to find “USB Connection”

  3. Once the connection is made, you will need to check your PCs available drives. You can do this by going into “My Computer”. Your PC should detect your PSP as and additional drive. It is not much different from using portable drive or thumb drives actually.

  4. Click on your assigned PSP drive.

  5. Create a new folder call “music” on your PSP drive

  6. Select your MP3 music from your PC and drag it into your “music” folder on your PSP. Note that all this is done in your PC interface.

  7. When all the desired MP3 are transferred, get out of the USB connection mode by pressing “O” on your PSP.

  8. Find the music area in your PSP, and select your memory stick. Search for your “music” folder and you are good to go.

Answer #2

all you have to do is put music in my documents and then pop up my computer and then click on the music that you put on my documents and dont let go make sure you have my computer pop up and then drag it in the music folder and there you go

Answer #3

plug it in 2 your computer , go 2 mycomputer, go psp, then go to music, then copy and paste or drag the music there.

Answer #4

how do you put music on a psp without a usb cord?

Answer #5

ok I just found out this yr and I hope it helps you download any mp3 files from anywhere ( I prefer limewire) then you plug in a usb cord and hit usb connection at the psp homescreen go to my computer then removable disk whatever port its in click it then click psp make a file named “MUSIC” without quotes (it must be capitalized) then drag the files in when your done there should be a icon on the bottom right of the screen that says “safely remove software” click itt then go to the usb and hit stop then you unplug it and your done

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