What should i play violin,electric guitar,or piano and which is easier?

Answer #1

nothing is easier…its more like what do you enjoy more…

personally I adore the Piano…always wanted to learn but nev had the money for it…nor the piano for it…but we all have our preferences!

hope you find what you adore :)

Answer #2

well i say u should do the guiar its easy but u have to pay attention or u will not remember a thing and if u play the piano its goin to be super hard thats iwhy i quit the piaan o and went to the guiatar just lke my big cuzin and she becamea perfessional guaitar teacher

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Answer #4

ur welcome

Answer #5

It depends. I play piano, I find it really easy. I struggle to learn the guitar, because it is just a totally different instrument. Decide which one you like best and stick to it. Practice makes perfect.

Answer #6

well i no that but id rather quit it if i cant get it

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Answer #8

You should get any of the three if you practice hard enough.

Answer #9

I would pick piano personally, but only because I absolutely adore the beautiful songs that come out of pianos. Piano music is in a level of it’s own, for sure.

When it comes to what you SHOULD do, I think you should follow what it is that you really like or are passionate about. If you don’t like the violin or piano, you’re not going to enjoy playing either. If you don’t enjoy playing, then you’re not getting as much out of the experience as you could. Music often comes from the heart and soul, so just find what connects you the most.

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Answer #11

Well, I don’t play any instruments, but I know people who do. I have a friend who plays both Guitar and Violin, she played Violin first, and just because she could play that, Playing the guitar was a lot faster, easier to learn, so IF you go with playing the Violin, or Guitar, learning the other might be easier, so its like a two for one deal?

However, I think Piano’s are beautiful, I think it all depends on what you want to do with each instrument,.

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Answer #13

sure (=

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