Where do you plan on spending the holidays this year?

Answer #1

This Christmas, my boyfriend and I are planning on going to Portugal with his family, but that all depends on whether we can financially afford it or not.

Answer #2

For Halloween , I really want to spend time with my friends this year. We have a thing called the “Frightdome” which is a big haunted house within an amusement park. It’d be my first time going. Thanksgiving to me means family. So, that’s one day I spend the whole time home trying to interact with everyone as much as possible unlike I usually do. As for Christmas time, I really love being outdoors in the cool air. Since Vegas is usually in the 90’s or 100’s, low 60’s and 50’s are a nice change. Yet again, I am staying home. I just think holidays are a time to be home,to spend time with family and loved ones, and to cherish each others’ company. Besides, there’s no place like Vegas during the holidays :D

Answer #3

For Christmas my family and I might go to Greece again, but I sort of want to just stay home. It’s basically my decision if we’re going or not :D so we’ll probably just stay home, decorate the Christmas tree and watch Christmas movies :3 that way, I can hang out more with my boyfriend too ^.^

Answer #4

Not this year but in Feb 2011, my fiancée, another couple and I are heading to Tasmania for 3 weeks, hiring a motorhome and driving around Tassie. Cannot wait, so excited. !!!

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