Do you like places like Hot Topic?

Answer #1

i do(:

Answer #2

i do(:

Answer #3

i do(:

Answer #4

I love Hot Topic lol

Answer #5

I like some of their shirts and some of the cd’s they carry. I use to walk by outside of it when I was younger and think it was all merely gothic stuff but they do have some pretty cool stuff that isn’t strictly goth, scene, and what have you. So yeah I like it alright. When I go to the mall I’ll usually make a walk through. The only thing is there’s always juggalo’s perching around outside and inside like they have nothing better to do, but other than that, decent place.

Answer #6

Yup, a lot of unique stuff you can get there, and also stuff that is funny(:

Answer #7

I like ny place that has an item i like….today i wore tights from hot topic, jewelry from forever 21, and a dress from Rave so yeah I dont discriminate haha.

Answer #8

i love hot topic, forever 21, and rave

Answer #9

Yeah. Hot Topic is pretty awesome.(:

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