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First let me get this out of the way. Never go to Hot Topic if you’re looking for shirts or a bookbag. All the shirts I’ve gotten from Hot Topic end up having holes in them,no matter how hard I try to prevent that from happening. I bought a Gir bookbag,which was 30 dollars,and the straps are ripping at the top already,and it’s been about 5 days in use. I really like the shirts,but not the way they’re made. I need more clothes,though. Does anyone know an online store LIKe Hot Topic,only with better clothing? **I’m American,and I don’t live in Europe or the UK.

Answer #1

you might try rue21 I really love it. and im like in absolute in love with the store hottopic

Answer #2

wow we have one here in tennessee and I’ve never bn there but I know I wont have to now

Answer #3

Hmmm. Theres stores online~((Just type in main words like ‘punk’, ‘band shirts’ ect.)) is grand~ Other than online, I’m not quite sure.

Answer #4

Omg 4real I Buy My Stuff in Hottopic I Love Hottopic My Favorite Store I never seen My Stuff Do anythng Like That Huh

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