Do places actually give abortions for free or do you always have to pay for one?

I heard some places were free so I was just curious if places really did and which places? lol

Answer #1

well.. in honesty, the only place that I know of was Planned Parenthood, but, that was the RU482 pill (also known as the mornnig after pill), and i don’t think thats even free anymore. Personally, i’ve never had one, and i’m not judging, but have you looked into the other options? Such as adoption?

Answer #2

ohh, im not pregnant i was just wondering but thank you! :)

Answer #3

I’m sure there are plenty of abor+ion centers you’d have to check online, where else would helpless teens go?

Answer #4

I dont think they are free, if you have no insurance though they can work with you and figure out how you can have the procedure without ending up completely poor.

Answer #5

Moral of the story Make sure he wears a condom and she takes the pill of pill variations, then it will save you or who the physical and emotional pain of an abortio0n

Answer #6

probley not but you can always ask a doctor for advice like that

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