What places would accept grocery donations that arent just canned goods?

Through mine and my sons WIC we recieve a few things that we dont eat (wheat bread, brown rice, kidney beans). I refuse to throw good food away, but no one i know wants it.

Answer #1

You can usually drop noncanned food items off at a food bank itself

Answer #2

You could also put an ad on Kijiji free section and I’m sure someone who would use them would come pick them up.

Answer #3

-You can put it on Craigslist, Freecycle, or Kijiji and give it away free. -Drop it off at a food bank. -Give it to a random person, who seems like they need it.

Answer #4

Just a thought, but what about:

The nearest homeless shelter? Perhaps a nearest church? Anything you donate is a blessing, They can always use stuff like that there.

The bread especially for quick sandwiches, the kidney beans as an addition tossed into some vegetable soup and brown rice for another meal.

Hope that helps.

Answer #5

May be cattles and farms

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