where is the best place to teach english?

Answer #1

Maldives, a few friends of ours taught here and south korea, and they prefer here…but, they’re from South Africa & Ireland…so, your milage may vary.

Answer #2

im from phil and i am an english teacher.. so maybe it will vary at all

Answer #3

im from phil and i am an english teacher.. so maybe it will vary at all

Answer #4

In an English classroom.

Answer #5

If you’re in the Philippines your best bet is to try and teach in the Philippines and gain some more experience which will show you the path to where you should go next. If you want to teach privately tried the online classifieds like cebu classifieds . com is for cebu.. etc.. there are some language schools you can get jobs at. It seems like you could have luck with the Korean and Japanese people in your area if you do some good networking. You probably know this stuff already though? =)

Answer #6

thanks for that.. thats nice of you

Answer #7

Also you might want to look into getting accredited internationally through TEFL or a program like it. I understand you are probably trying to work abroad to support your family etc.. The best thing I can recommend too is that you always try to improve your accent because they are looking for good accent and even if you can practice the american accent I believe you would get better chances. =)

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