How do you know when your pimple is fully popped?

I popped my pimple last night and white puss and blood came out. Quite a lot f blood actually. And since it is red, I decided to put toothpaste on it over night. Now its really red. But im not sure if my pimple is fully popped because it still has a little bump. How do I get rid of it?

Answer #1

don’t pick at it and it should go away.

Answer #2

you shouldnt put toothpaste on an open wound so the bump is probably puss and toothpaste just waut a week or two for it to go down, if it doesnt , try again but use a bit of tea tree oil on the wound, not toothpaste thats for making the redness go down when you havent popped it

Answer #3

Popping your pimples are a really bad thing to do because they can ;eave scars and possibly get infected. Visit a dermatologist to have some type of acne treatment prescribed.

Answer #4

I dont think so but next time dont pop a pimple istead mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of cinnamon and apply toyour pimples for about 5 mons. wash it off and the bump should go down

Answer #5

okay only bust it when it turns white once you do that put sum alcohol on it and drink sum water and also keep and wash your face everynite to keep it clean

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