How to get rid of a pimple under the skin?

how to get rid of huge under the skin I squeezed it and it hurt really bad nothing came but blood and water what do I do now its a hugr scabe

Answer #1

jab it with a small needel than sqeeze the mofo!

Answer #2

I used to have loads of spots and ‘pimples’ you should NOT squeeze them because as you now know it makes them worse and spread.. the things that helped me were

fresh air excersize and not wearing foundation eyemake-up is ok

and washing your face before you go to bed


Answer #3

im sure blood came out. But the other thing was not water just simply a developing pimple avoid oily foods and nuts. dont eat chocolate. and clean your face or affected area or an area that has pimples with soap and warm water. Dont rub dry rather pat dry. Pimples occur because oils in your body get clogged on your skin. Daily cleaning will open your pores

Answer #4

make a patch of epson salt, make into a paste and put it into a warm wash cloth so that the paste does not lay on the skin keep the cloth warm and apply for 15-30 min. this will bring the pimple to a head and the bacteria and pus will drain also

Answer #5

I suggest you use avon spot treatment it works really well and only takes around three days

Answer #6

I just want you to know, that foods have nothing to do with your skin type. Eating chocolate will not do anything for or against your skin. Oftentimes I have heated a pimple with a warm cloth over it for about 15 to 20 minute intervals throughout the day until it came to a head. Then you’ll be able to pop it. To prevent this from happening, wash your face in the morning and at night. after one of these washings use an astringent or toner(that’s probably best at night) and then a moisturizer that is not oily. :D.

Answer #7

well I’m not sure how to prevent under-the-skin pimples, but if you want that scab to go away, use green tea. just get some hot water and soak a green tea bag in it. then rub the tea bag on the scab. I use this a lot. it works miracles!!! :) but for future advice, NEVER try to pop a under-the-skin pimple!!! it will make it a million times worse. sometimes, if you give it time, the deep pimple will rise up more and then you can try to pop it GENTLEY. if it hurts and it’s not ready to be popped, then leave it alone. I’ve been in your position before hunny. trust me, DO NOT POP THE PIMPLE UNLESS IT’S READY! hope my information helped you. good luck ~

Answer #8

you should get a really good face cleanser wash your face with that when you wake up and when you go to bed also you should ask your doctor tp prescribe you some benzoyl peroxide…it really helps you use it once a day

Answer #9

excess of make-up can worsen acne. Do not peel off pimples - that makes them septic and they may leave behind permanent marks and damage your looks.

Cut down blood heating foods, such as sweets, fats and spicy foods - they can help not to get it again

Answer #10

at night wash your face and put neosporin or polysporin on the spot and cover it with a bandaid. do it every night until it goes away.

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