How do I get rid of under the skin pimples?

I hvae pretty ncie skin only I get breakouts under the skin… Little bumps…pimples under and it really annoying… How do I get rid of those.. I already wash my twice a day … What face wash is the best for that?

Answer #1

smoking will not cause bad skin. thats a myth. what you need to do is go to a dermatologist. tell her the problems your having with your normal acne. she should prescribe you an antibiotic to reduce the bacteria below the skin and a cream to put over your whole face which should help much. it cleared up my skin. so good luck :)

Answer #2

I have realy good skin dont use any face wash stuf just wash your face under cold water in the mornings skin prodacts dont work. try to avoide smoking and bad stuf I smoke bt gona stop cuse I dont want ta have bad skin.

Answer #3

hey there ! I study skin care and fitness … You COULD go on an anti-biotic such as tetralysol (I was on this) prescribed by a dermatologist (although , if the pimples arent a serious problem, I wouldn’t reccomend this as it may have side effects eg. nausea, weight gain, depression)

I would recommend that you use a facewash that is more of a creamy lather then a foam gel.. ( Foaming face washes can strip your face of oil that it needs, thereby making your face over-produce oil to make up for the oil it has lost –> which leads to blocked pores –> which results in pimples.)

Try Clearisal (excuse my spelling) skin perfecting wash , regular use should help minimize pimples until eventually gone.

Also make sure to keep your skin free of dirt and pollution particles from the air ( Splatter with cold water 2-3 times a day and pat dry.)

Goodluck :) x (P.S. By smoking, you cause free radicals to be produced which destroy Vitamin C in the skin which is a vital vitamin to the skin- Giving it rejuvenation and cell re-constructure. Smoking can cause the skin to look sallow and pale with no rich blood supply :) )

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