Pills & pregnant


Answer #1

I know a chick who took oxycontin, methadone, etc. while she was pregnant and her baby came out with a deformed face. very typical of someone taking pills while pregnant. why would you do that to yourself and the baby? they will also take your baby away when it is born.

Answer #2

hey well im pregge and im not on any sort of drugs and if you ask me I would stay of them my mate who has a kid allready she was on drugs when she was pregge and now her kid has problems because of itand she wishes she never tuck them anymore .

Answer #3

Pills and Drugs when you are pregnet. It can kill you and the baby. And give the baby birth defects.

Answer #4

you mean drugs? it isnt right in my opinion…

Answer #5

not good at all for the baby!

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