Piercing above your top lip

I have like no idea what this piercing is called Its above the top lip on your skin Does it hurt? I want to get one Would it look bad if I already have my nose pierced?

Answer #1

is it in the center of your top lip or more on the side?On the side its a monroe in the middle its a medusa

Answer #2

depends if you mean right above your top lip if you mean that like right under your nose that is a medusa but if you mean more to the side so to say that is a monroe

Answer #3

awesome I like getting piercings too whats really cool is my mom takes me to get them 2 when im older I want to get a hot pink tattoo of three stars behind my ear my moms friend got one and it still glows in the dark after 2 years

Answer #4

ok well I might get braces I already had them but if I do again then there hopefully only on the bottom wait..so you dont have your monroe in anymore?

Answer #5

My nose is pierced and I got one done. It hurt a little, not bad. But the inside of it, the part that goes in your mouth, is flat and it got caught on my tooth and pulled it through. OUCH!!! It hurt really bad. Then it got infected. I had a hole in my upper lip for a couple weeks.

Answer #6

ouch what if I were to get braces would that make it worst? I would get it professionally done 2

Answer #7

If you get a tattoo, get one that nobody else has

Answer #8

I wouldn’t do it if braces are in your future. I had mine professionally done.

Answer #9

Its a monroe

Answer #10

how much did it cost you to have your top lip do

Answer #11

Its usually cost $40 but when I went lip piercings were on “sale” and it was only $15 that includes your first lip stud. and yeah I only has I little diamond in when it got caught on my tooth and went all the way through, so it wasnt a big hole but it did hurt a lot when the diamond went through. and it got infected afterward. but I stuck it out. and refused to take it out. and now its healed and I will never put anything that small in because im afraid it will go all the way through. so I now keep a pretty good sized ball on it. (I have a monroe not a medusa.) I would NEVER do that! no offence to anyone.

Answer #12

nope, it’s gone. It looked sooo cute too. I hated that it did that. I love getting pierced. I’m not all wild about it or nothin but I just love it. I have my tongue,nose and eyebrow done

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