Pie vs. cake

What do you like better.. Pie or Cake?

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chocolate cake

Answer #4

Depends what kinda cake or pie…my grandma pound cake beats any pie out..believe that

Answer #5

it depends what kind…I love ice cream cake!! once I ate too much…nuff said.

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Answer #7

lolx I now im fat but cake lolx :D

Answer #8

cake! I mean you can;t have any fun with pie. I mean who ever heard of a hot chick jumping out of a pie??? it’s like “Ta da! I’m hear!” “Go take a shower.”

Answer #9

marble cake with the best creme frosting. its the best! xoxoTina

Answer #10

it really depends what kinda cake and what kinda pie! cause like eileen… I’m a sucker for ice cream cakes!! - especially stawberry cheesecake! :D but I also adore lemon maringue pies!! :P

Answer #11

Pieee XD Especially Apple, all the way!! woo!!! lol

Yeah with vanilla icecream on it… yummm

Gosh now you got me thinking about it!!!


Answer #12

ohh depends if the cake is store bought and not ice cream cake then pie is better but a homemade delicous cake beats pie =D

Answer #13

How about sit me down with half a dozen home made of each and watch me inhale them - then you’ll have a worthy answer!

Answer #14


Sorry pie lovers

Answer #15

pie is the worlds greatest food created by man

once you can master pie making and your mom can make incredible pies, pies are foods to die for.

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