Why do girls like to take a lot of pictures?

Why do gurls like to take a lot of pictures

Answer #1

cause it’s fun. [;


Answer #2

Pinkdottedbow, damn you for not conforming to stereotypes. The fabric of society is crumbling as we speak because of your actions.

Answer #3

I dont do it to”fit in” bmcoyle

I take pics to remind myself of the memories that I have with friendss. I love taking pictures because when I look back at pictures, I remember stuff about my childhood and my past(:

Answer #4

some need a confidence boost, others just like to look at photos of particular interests (friends, objects, parties) to reflect on the moment

Answer #5

Not just girls,everyone likes to,I know I love to,each photo I’ve taken has a different expression,everyone has a reason.

It’s just fun.:)

Answer #6

For me it’s because it’s a fun :) Especially if it’s when your with all your friends. It’s nice to take lots of pictures to remember the day by :D

Answer #7

To capture memories, raise self esteem, and fit in.

It’s not necessarily all girls - I hate pictures.

Answer #8

There are exceptions to every rule.

Answer #9

I dont actualy know.. haha(: I juslike to remeber how I looked I only take them if I just happen to look nice onthe day (:

Answer #10

Because they want to fit in.

Answer #11

most of them becuase they have a high self esteem

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