What physical parts of a body makes humans cry?

I was wondering what triggers the tears when we are sad, frustrated, angry, etc.

Answer #1

Tear ducts leak water.

Answer #2

hm, waht triggers the tear ducts then?

Answer #3

I would imagine the brain sends like a little message to the tear ducts when you are sad/angry/frustrated and the tear ducts clean themselves by releasing the fluids also known as tears :) thats my best guess (:

Answer #4

emotional tears are largely under the control of the hypothalamus of the brain. There is also involvement from the trigeminal and facial nerves. Emotional tears also have a different composition than tears that are involved in keeping your eyes lubricated

Answer #5

If you want to get into actual physical parts of the body that hold emotion, then consider the body’s junk drawer - the pelvis. Any emotion or stresses that we don’t want to deal with finds it’s way into the pelvis (and can cause tightening of the hips and lower back). When we finally open the junk drawer (either by performing specific yoga postures or even having sex), the brain finds the pent up emotions and releases them in the form of tears and crying (this is where @Danielles perfect scientific explanation takes over).

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