Are we able to send photos through fun mail?

Are we able to send photos through fun mail? If so what kind of photos are we allowed to send?

Answer #1

Photos sent via fun mail aren’t public, unless you select one that you already uploaded via your album…so, technically, you can send anything via fun mail b/c nobody would know.

However if you send something that’s risque, adult, etc…if the other person complains, we find out, then we may delete your account.

Example: a guy did this (adult male sent underage female very inappropriate photo) we nuked his account both because she complained AND because he was sending pictures of his member to a minor.

Answer #2

You can post photos and the banned ones are listed in the TERMS OF USE which has a link at the bottom of this (and every) page.

Answer #3

I meant to fun mail someone. IN know the terms of use for the regular postings but I meant for fun mail

Answer #4

Yes you can.

When you are Composing Private Mail (Fun Mail), you have an option below the box where you enter your text to “‘Add a photo”‘ “‘Or add from album”‘. When adding from album, you are selecting one of the photos from your profile page. When “‘Adding a photo”‘, you are selecting one off your computer. (I don’t know if that automatically adds it to your album (profile photos).

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Answer #5

Even though they’re not posted on the main page, they’re still accessible to anyone on the site, and therefore, need to remain within the restrictions of the ToU.

Answer #6

Yes you can, I dont know about what kind of photos you can send since they are not posted on the main page.

although of course you probably shouldnt send anything illegal…

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