Mass sending of Fun Mail?

Is it possible to send a message to all the people on your friends list,at the same time???I mean the same message… Instead of doing it one by one???

Answer #1

well it takes a long time, but you can send the same message to more then one person by typing in all their usernames in the “SEND TO” box. you have to separate the names by commas, for example.. say I wanted to send you, the girl above me and some other person the same message, it would look like this:

Send To: smexii_loz, looyalty, blahblah, etc, yougettheidea

Answer #2

yes. you can just send a chain message but will go to all of the people you have on your list.

Answer #3

Yeah I think you can do it as tinatodder4 said.

Answer #4

Don’t think so unless you copy and paste

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