What is the best phone from Pantech?

Answer #1

I dont know much about Pantech phones, in fact I don’t know anything. I don’t think they sell them here but I generally read reviews on any products that I want to buy. Its really helpful advice from people who own the product your after. Perhaps try looking for Pantech phone reviews to help you find the answer your after. :-)

Answer #2

Well my friend had the Pantech Duo which was nice. You could slide it out to be a keyboard or just a regular keypad phone, which was cool. The only problem was that it was a big phone and they keys were itty bitty, which made it hard to text. I have the Pantech Impact, which I think is nice. It’s also a big phone, but smaller than the Duo. And while they are both big phones, they’re more durable in the case that you drop them. And the Impact has a touchscreen on the front, it flips open to a keyboard and the conversations are threaded by person. I like it, though neither of them had the greatest memory. I have to delete texts daily. Altogether though, they were both good phones so you should consider them :)

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