Would a person get a ticket for not wearing their seat belt if the person is unable to fit a seat-belt around them?

This is just one of those questions I’ve been wondering for a while, and would like to know the answer.

I’m not looking for opinions on whether they should or shouldn’t get a ticket… I am asking legally, do you still have to wear a seat-belt if it won’t fit and buckle… or if you don’t wear it will you still get a ticket, even though it’s not exactly your fault?

Answer #1

It wont get u a ticket. If the seat belt doesnt fit you might have to get it repaired

Answer #2

if youre in the backseat, no. frontseat could be.

Answer #3

Repaired? I don’t mean the seat belt is messed up, and that’s why it doesn’t fit…I mean if a person is too large and it will not fit around them. Such as a very pregnant woman, or an overweight person.

Answer #4

ok, i am pregnant it wont fit me properly so it shouldnt get u a ticket

Answer #5

In texas you have to make the safety equipment work for your need, and by the laws here everyone must wear it front or back seats. Kids under the age of 8 have to be in a booster seat, I think it is all out of control.

Answer #6

It shouldn’t get you a ticket, I agree….but I want to know if you would get a ticket anyway, whether it’s right or not.

Answer #7

Here in Texas I have two cops in our scout troop, and this has came up, they said you have to make the seat belt work, or if you have a handicap that prevents this then you have to have documentation to prove it. I know, when I was a kid there were no seat belt laws, sh1t some cars did not even have seat belts this was a option.

Answer #8

Pregnant women, even when very large, can still wear a seatbelt- you just have to make sure that the lap strap is under your bump and the diagonal strap is between your breasts and then goes around to the side of your bump. No part of a large bump should be covered by a seatbelt as if there was a crash you could harm the baby.

It is the law that if seatbelts are fitted they must be worn. However, it is possible to get a certificate of medical exemption. I am assuming a very large person could get one of these from their doctor if a belt did not fit. If you carry one of these then it is not illegal to not wear your seatbelt as it certifies that you can’t or shouldn’t for whatever reason.

I am sure if needs be then a larger belt could be fitted for someone if necessary- it is not safe not to have one.

Answer #9

Yes, you would revieve a ticket. Seat belt laws are for everyone, whether they are overweight or pregnant also. To the lady who said shes pregnant and hers wont fit her, thats absurd. I am 9 months pregnant and safety belt fit me and i wear them everytime im in a vehicle. The seatbelt gets placed BELOW the stomach so it doesnt harm baby and it still fits properly. As for overweight people if the seatbelt doesnt fit them they sell seatbelt extenders for that purpose for both cars and other modes of transportation such as airplanes etc.

Answer #10

For overweight people or pregnant women they sell seatbelt extensions that you add to your car. That is probably what the police officer will tell you to do when they hand you the ticket. http://funadvice.com/r/14qjksakj7d

Answer #11

Honestly it depends on the cop. They technically can write a ticket, since you should get a seatbelt extender like the one in planes. However, go to court and odds are it will be thrown out.

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